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“Awesome movie! Having much conversation about it on the way back and already making plans to do the series in our church. Praise God! ”

“Great movie. Not just a fairy tale where it's a happily ever after. It's actually life. Encouraging and gives hope, even when a parent falls or makes a mistake.”

“It portrayed real family issues and struggles we face to raise kids in a world that does not put God first and also maintain our own faith as a family and wife and husband. Well done. Made us all consider ways to do this as a family and as a church.”

“Just because we are parents, doesn't mean we know what we are doing. I have not been parenting the way I should be, but I will now.”

“A great movie depicting realistic issues that families face. It was a reminder that turning to God and creating a foundation based on biblical teachings can spread from generation to generation. The word of God provides all that a family needs to overcome obstacles resulting in forgiveness and healing, occurring God’s perfect timing!”

The Special Church Edition DVD for Like Arrows will be included in FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting Small-Group Series. We highly encourage churches to host their own Like Arrows movie nights to launch their season of parenting small groups!

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