Great Marriages Don’t Just Happen.

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Why Attend

Where is your marriage today? Is it drifting towards isolation or intentionally moving toward oneness? You know what “oneness” feels like — conflicts resolve quickly, adventures happen together, and sex is on point. It’s great. But great marriages don’t just happen. Greatness takes investment. And isn’t that why you walked down the aisle – because you longed for a great relationship that lasts a lifetime? Find out what over 3 million couples worldwide have experienced at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember. It’s your turn to make a great marriage happen.

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What To Expect

The atmosphere for this marriage retreat is laid-back, so get ready to have a relaxing weekend with your spouse!

Getaway check in is Friday from 5-7 p.m. and the event runs until 12:15 pm on Sunday. Each session is approximately an hour and 15 minutes and will be followed by a 20-minute break. Additionally, there are periods of alone time for you & your spouse to work on special projects designed to improve communication and reignite the spark you once had. The sessions are in lecture format, so there is no need to get nervous about a small group.

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What Will I Learn?

We want you to leave the Weekend with encouragement, hope, and practical tools to build and grow your relationship


Address issues as they arise, rather than letting resentments fester


Increase your commitment to your marriage resulting in deeper intimacy


Rediscover your love for each other

Who Should Attend

If you’ve made it to this part of our site, you’re probably a good candidate for the getaway. We welcome everyone:  the divorced, the on-the-verge of divorce, the deliriously-in-love, the newlyweds, the wise, seasoned couple. We speak to those who are happy and to those who are broken.

By focusing on timeless biblical principles, we provide the tools to help your relationship thrive. For over 40 years, we have witnessed all types of couples experiencing healing, restoration and reconciliation at the Weekend to Remember. Don’t let fear be a factor. Great marriages don’t just happen, but they can. 

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What people have to say about Weekend to Remember


“We reconnected and recommitted our marriage and ministry after an affair. God is healing our marriage of 30 years and we will make it. WE STILL DO!”

Married 30 years (Destin)

“I came here to fix my wife, found out it was me that needed fixing.”

Married 27 years (Atlanta)

“This is our 4th WTR. We always discover something that has muddied the waters of our marriage & come away with the water clear & our commitment to each other & God renewed.”

Wife, married 9 years (Hershey)

“This weekend was a pause button for us. We have 3 bio children and 1 foster child under the age 7! Life is going fast and we need to be reminded of our priorities—God first, then our marriage, then our children.”

Married 10 years (Tulsa)

“We talked. We haven’t talked to each other without yelling in weeks. We reconnected in these three days more than in 2 years of being married. ”

Wife, married 2 years (Albuquerque)

“We are a newly married couple and we were able to hear what a healthy marriage should be and look like. We are excited about starting out the right way!!”

Married 1 year

“Life-changing, family changing, community changing- world changing. So much accomplished and uncovered and resolved in just a few days. Renewal has taken place! ”

Married 11 years

“This was a reinforcement, a refresher, a time-out from the hustle to regroup, reframe why and how we do marriage, family, and community. It was an oxygen mask to re energize our mission.”

Married 12 years

““Booster shot” in our already strong Christian marriage of 37 years.”

“We came for a fun getaway, thinking our marriage was very good as it was, but we discovered that we can always find things to work on and improve daily. ”

Married 17 years

“My wife is God’s gift. This had never been on my radar.”

Husband, Married 21 years

“After 19 years we realized we haven’t really taken time to get to know each other – move to the next communication style. This conference reinvented us and sparked a new life in our marriage.”

Military, Married 19 years

“I think this prepared us in a way that no book could have. We know what we need to change & have the tools for a successful marriage.”


Weekend Speakers

Pre-requisites for all Weekend to Remember speakers include:

  • Authentic: Willing to share hard-learned marriage lessons
  • Biblical: Find direction for life and marriage in God’s Word
  • Funny: Must believe laughing is essential to learning

More than 50 couples are hand-picked from across the nation, from various walks of life, to relate to you and your spouse. By the end of the Weekend, you’ll feel like friends.

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What Does This Cost?

We don’t want price to hold you up from experiencing a Weekend to Remember. That’s why we have kept our pricing low, providing you with the best deals possible.

Standard Getaways

$ 149.99 per person

($299.98 per couple)Early Bird and other discounts available!

Destination Getaways

$ 174.99 per person

($349.98 per couple)Early Bird and other discounts available!

Satisfaction Guarantee

You heard us right… we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stand by our commitment to marriages and if you don’t agree that the Weekend to Remember was worth every penny, we’ll gladly refund your full registration fee.

of couples say it greatly improved their marriage and 97% say they would recommend to others
4 to 8
On average, our guests say their marriage went from a 4 to an 8, in just one weekend!
Satisfaction guarantee. If you don't love it, we'll refund your money

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